Right in front of my salad, again!?

Jaxton Wheeler felt bad for fucking the private chef he hired to make his wife a romantic dinner, so he hires a masseur to relieve some of her stress and anger.  But when Luke Adams walks in, all thoughts of making things up to his wife seem to rush out of his head as his blood flows into his cock.

 So while she's tossing her salad, Jaxton and Luke have their eyes on some meat, and it doesn't take long for them to get their mouths and asses involved as well.  When he wife catches them in the act, fucking in front of her salad, again, she runs out of the room.  Maybe she needs to stop eating salads?

Right in front of my salad?!

If you haven't seen it by now, you've been living under a porn blocking rock, because this scene is everywhere!  But for those who may not already know, it's hot and hilarious, a great combination for any porn scene in my opinion!

Jaxton Wheeler hires Jake Porter to cook his wife a surprise dinner, but doesn't realize that Porter is a naked chef.  Once the clothes come off things really begin to heat up in the kitchen and it doesn't take long for that surprise dinner to go on the back burner.

In the end, the salad goes uneaten, but not untossed and the "dressing" was plenty creamy!

Laying some pipe

Paul Canon and Aston Springs get down and dirty when a leaky pipe causes Aston to hire plumber Paul to drain his pipe.  It doesn't take long for the double-entendres to start flowing and the cocks to get hard, leaving Canon and Spring to suck and fuck their way to a cum bursting finish.