He's Back & Bigger than ever!

Ok, maybe he's not bigger...but this guy was pretty big to begin with! And I am sure I share your sentiment when I say Thank you to Rod for sharing these additional pics of his hung, uncut cock!

Neils Stevens LOVES to Play

This hunk from Men at Play is definitely pushing all the right buttons to get himself going in his suit, and it only gets better as the clothes come off!

Hard and Ready

Ooo he's moody

Just for fun...

These four caught my eye for different reasons. There is obviously a similar situation going on, but the first has two mostly naked women on the wall along with a blue thing I could not figure out, the second has a sign in the background that I found funny (click to make larger), the third was just hot! and the fourth looks like anal, but I think is just lap dances...the uncertainty is appealing.

Just a touch of chest hair

Looks really good on this guy. I'm not sure who he is, but I wouldn't mind a few more pics of his chest!