Angry Grappler

I'm not sure who this guy is, but apparently, you've pissed him off and he will show you how he's going to get back at you. Who knows, you may want to piss him off again just to see how far he'll go.


One Hot Dallas Sky...

Well, Nicco Sky and Dallas Evens to be exact, and there are two of them...but together they make up one really hot scene! They were both on Randy Blue and this was Dallas' first guy/guy scene, so he was trying to take the lead and show Nicco what he likes to have done to his cock. Nicco gets him, and his cum in the end though, taking charge right before Dallas explodes! You can see the video clip on Randy Blue!

Prison Bust

I'm not sure whether I would WANT this to happen to be if I were ever in prison, or if I would be afraid of this happening...I guess it depends on which guy I was.

Mouth Watering

Can anyone tell me they do not want to suck that dick? Honestly?

I'm Moving!

Well, not really....but if I were I don't know that I would trust these two with my stuff! I might watch them unpack my stuff, but definitely not leave them alone with it...

I want this job!

Seriously, porn directors have a great job! They get to think about the action and create a fantasy for others, which is great!

Nice and Tight

I got these pics from Rick, a viewer from England, who says he really loves tight running shorts, and after taking a look at these pics, I think I have become a fan as well! Thanks for the pictures Rick!

Gunner Shoots a Load

Randy Blue recently featured hottie Gunner Pierce in a solo session, which I loved! I have a thing for water...pools, spas, saunas, showers....they are all hot! And in this case, Gunner outshines his slippery environment, I am sure you can see why!