Ice Cream Truck

Apparently I am made a mistake and posted a video I had already posted ten days earlier, so I am posting this music video from Cazwell to make up for it.


I want some of those drumsticks!

I do love to travel

And these two make travel look so much more exciting than it ever has in the past!

Honest & Open or Secretly Searching

I recently had an interesting conversation about three ways and open relationships, which prompted this blog post. Having done it all myself, I have been the outsider in a group thing and been in a couple that explored some extra-curricular action. My relationship did not end as a result, though there was some jealousy that happened when we played separately, ultimately ending the extra play.

Certainly this is not always the case, and there is no rule that says a committed couple cannot explore alternative sexual outlets. But I just wondered whether they were really comfortable in their relationship, or seeking an alternate relationship.

Recently, while experiencing down-time at work, I began searching for a different job, which would be new and exciting. I knew what to expect with my current job, and I really enjoyed the people I worked with, but I was not stimulated by the position anymore, and ultimately decided to explore other work options.

I'm not saying that a relationship is like a job, but it certainly takes work to make a relationship last, and most relationships do not make it past the five year mark. It is possible then, that in order to "spice up" your sex life, you would search for something more exciting and unknown, in another partner. The problem arises though, when one partner finds that the excitement is much more stimulating than the current relationship, which has lost its appeal.

The question becomes, can your relationship handle the extra baggage that comes from having sex outside your relationship? And that is something that only you can answer!

Ideal Penis?

I watched a documentary today about how men are reluctant to talk about their penis with other men. This was mostly in the heterosexual population, so I wondered about how big dick talk is with gay men. Certainly I have been involved in conversations about other guy's dicks, but I have had some talks about the size of my friends' dicks as well.

Have you ever talked about your dick size with any male friends? What are your thoughts about the size of your own dick? And what is the ideal size of an erect dick in your opinion?

Viewer Pic - 22 y/o College Student

Thanks again for this picture of your hot body! I hope to see more of you in the future!

I'm just going to say it....

I don't like cum on my face. I have been asked to cum on other guys' faces a few times and I am happy to do so if you really want me to, but that does not entitle you to do it to me in return. Turnabout is not fair play when it comes to a cum facial.

I am guessing this comes from gay porn, which does seem to feature a lot of videos and sites devoted specifically to this activity...which is great. If you like it, go for it. But I will forever be scarred by Ms. Coco Peru in the movie "Trick" where she says, "You ever get cum in your eye? It burns!"

So, cum in my mouth, on my chest, legs, ass, or just about anywhere else you want to...but don't shoot on my face. And if you aren't having sex with me...maybe ask your partner as well.

Viewer Pics - CockRod

I do love viewer pictures...thanks!