Prostate Massager - Review 2

As I stated in my previous post, I was recently contacted by the Mangasm brand of male sex toys to do reviews of some of their products.  I had some free time during the weekend to try out these toys, and let my partner try them as well, and needless to say, we had a great time!

The second product I reviewed is called the Mangasm Edge, and features an attached controller to set your vibration level from subtle to intense!  The Mangasm Edge is make from hard plastic, making insertion really easy and smooth.  The large bulb on the end presses against your perineum, while the inserted length massages your prostate and surrounding skin.

 As you can see, the Edge is sleek and features soft, natural curves, which for the inexperienced guy, or those who have problems relaxing their clenched muscles, is really nice.  It slid in easily and smoothly, and was all the way to the end, about four inches, before I realized it.  The drawback of this easy entry, was that it also very easily slid out.  Both my partner and I had to keep re-positioning the Edge to keep it in place and on target.

Even with this one drawback, this toy was the one that brought me over the "Edge," no pun intended (thought it is aptly named), so it was my personal favorite, and is probably the only insertable toy I own that I would use on myself repeatedly without needing to work up to it.


  • Easy to insert
  • The vibration was strong without being too powerful
  • Make my orgasm more intense
  • Soft curves make it ideal for the beginner or experienced man


  • The toy slid out more than I would have liked
  • The wire attached to the Edge could be longer to make it easier to control
Another great product from Mangasm, and something I look forward to using again soon!

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Anonymous said...

Great orgasm for the man! It's new, yes fine!