Celeb Getting Some

Is it just me, or does that look like Colton Haynes?  He did appear in XY Magazine a while back, but porn seems to just be pushing his luck!  You can't pretend to be straight and then have this happen...

Show Me Your Dick!

It's been a while since I have seen any viewer dick pics, and I am hoping for some more. If you are bold/brave enough to drop your drawers and show us your goods, take a picture and send it my way. Please write some sort of note (viewable in the photo itself) to me or the blog, so I know it is you. I don't mind posting other people's pictures here obviously, but if you're going to claim it is you, at least say hello!  -  You can e-mail me at adultchandler@gmail.com

Homo-Erect-Us is Four and a Half!

I cannot believe that I have had this blog for going on four and a half years!  I looked back on things, and I know I have not been consistent over all of those years with posts, but I have tried to maintain a somewhat active presence.  The biggest surprise to me is that I have had nearly 2 Million views to my blog in that time!  I really appreciate all of you who have stuck with me through the years, and those of you who are just now discovering this blog many years in.

Here is a link to the very first post I made on my then virgin blog - I have a Crush on Jason Behr

It had been so long that all of the images I originally used had been deleted from the web!  So I went in and updated it for you.  It sucks to see some of my old posts with no content, but unfortunately I don't control the Internet yet, so I can only try to monitor the parts that I do ;-)

Brandon Wertz

Oh holy hell y'all! I am practically drooling all over from some of the pictures and videos of Brandon Wertz.  I have to give it to Andrew Christian - he sure knows how to pick models!