Malachi from Randy Blue

I don't know what it is about Malachi, but I think he is damn sexy! I have featured other clips and pictures of him from Randy Blue, but I still love to see more!

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Channing Tatum Does Nude Shoot

NOT REALLY! I wish...but here are some pretty good pictures of him and at the bottom a guy, who did do a nude shoot that looks a whole hell of a lot like Channing Tatum.

Gay Channing Tatum pics
Gay Channing Tatum pics
Gay Channing Tatum pics
Gay Channing Tatum pics
Gay Channing Tatum pics

This guy is the next best thing to actually seeing Channing Tatum naked..
Gay Channing Tatum nude pics

Spear Me Baby!

American GladiatorsThis is Edward "Breaux" Greer, who appeared on American Gladiators and is a world renown javelin thrower...
American GladiatorsHere's a better picture of his body


Nude Male OlympiansAnd there is always room for a little nudity in sports, I mean the ancient Greeks did it during their Olympics, why not now?

Back to the newly aired version of American Gladiators, I think that "Toa" is freaking HOT!!!

He also enjoys the javelin throw, and if he were throwing his javelin around, I am happy to catch it for him...

I think I also find him attractive because he reminds me of Dwayne Johnson, aka "The Rock," but that is probably because they are apparently cousins. That must be a very large family tree!

Straight Boys Make Me Laugh! (6)

That is right, it is time for the sixth installment of those wacky heterosexual males doing some really gay things. I mean, I cannot remember the last time some of my gay friends and I ran naked through the snow or pretended to suck each other off...we either actually do it, or don't waste our time.

Anyway, I thought these pictures were particularly funny, but I am running low, so if you have pictures of straight guys doing some funny, strange or gay things, send them my way!

Thanks and enjoy!

The last two pictures were previously featured on Ruggedly Handsome, which is a great blog, that you do not want to miss!

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Straight Boys 5
Straight Boys 4
Straight Boys 3
Straight Boys 2
Straight Boys Make Me Laugh

Scrotox? Really!?

Alright, so I am not sure whether or not this is real, but have you heard about Ball Sack Botox? I think I first heard about it on "Another Gay Sequel" and I figured it was a joke. Then I heard somewhere (not sure it was a reliable media source) that some older actor had it. So I was intrigued...I went looking. I found an interview where the director of AGS said he made up Ball Sack Botox, but the interviewer said he'd also heard about it.

The plot thickens, and your scrotum loosens...

I found what I believe is an e-mail discussing the medical reasons behind such a seemingly drastic measure, but it was talking about men in their mid to late 60's. So my question is, why in the hell do we have this available and what would you need it for?

Furthermore, does it end the sensation in the scrotum or only deaden the muscles that control it, leaving the nerves unaffected? I am quite happy with the sensation I experience, and would not want to give that up, especially to botox!

Would you get it? Be honest...

FleshJack Fever!!!

Fleshlight Sex Toy

I have seen these on nearly every gay porn website I visit in some form or another...and well, they have gotten hard to ignore. I am of course referring to FlashJack. The styles, attachments and colors may change, but the reaction is always the same...ball draining, dick swallowing, moan causing climaxes!

I think it is time I look into this whole FleshJack phenomenon...because I could definitely put it to good use!

Has anyone used one of these and if so, what are your thoughts? Pretty positive?

Fleshlight Sex Toy

Okay, even I'm not sure they deserve THIS MUCH praise...but this is kind of a funny video with Fleshjack

HAHAHAHAH!!!! This one sounds like the camera man's mom or dad is calling him down for dinner and he and his best friend aren't though playing around with his FleshJack...or maybe that is just me...?

Audio is messed up, but the video still works.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

Mason Wyler Does it Again!

Mason recently did this scene with Anthony, a hottie, whose tattoo is really cool looking. I kept trying to see it clearly, and I finally found a great picture of it. I believe it is an anime character, but I could be wrong. I just like the stripes that encompass his forearm.

Anyway, things start out with a footjob and get wetter from there ending in a sticky finish for both men. For more pictures, videos and access to the site, check out

You Want Him....You Got Him

It seems that Cody Cummings is quite popular, so I have found a few more pictures to excite you. I hope you enjoy!

Cody Cummings, Gay Porn

Cody Cummings, Gay Porn

Cody Cummings, Gay Porn

Cody Cummings, Gay Porn

Have another favorite model, porn star or actor I have not yet featured in my blog?

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I'll be waiting to hear from you!

Randy Blue Presents Men in Action

I happen to be a big fan of Randy Blue not only because of the hot guys they have on the site, but also because one of my best friends from college knows the guy that started it. I am keeping hope alive that one day I will get to meet him and help out on a shoot, but until then, I can enjoy the hot models they have on the site.