Threeways or Fourgies?

Ever since that questions was asked of Marc in Trick it has been something I jokingly bring up from time to time....but I am just curious how many people have ever, or would ever participate in a threeway or fourgy. Are there any rules you would have to abide by in order to play nicely with others?

I know if I were going to partake, I would have to be single and either the outsider in the group, or at least not overly interested in one of the guys involved, otherwise I think I would get jealous of the attention being lavished on him. I could also do it if I were the main focus and no one touched anyone but me, (think "Alex" from the movie Threesome.)

Hot Randy Blue Models

Randy Blue has done it again! These two sexy guys have caught my eye and gotten my attention! And hearing the moans and other things coming out of their mouths during their fuck fest leaves no doubt that they enjoyed themselves!


Does Straight Porn Turn You On?

When I was younger and hadn't yet found a way to access gay porn, I would occasionally look at straight porn and just concentrate on the guy....but I can still view it and get turned on to some degree. I'm wondering if other gay guys are also turned on by straight porn, especially since sites like Straight Guys for Gay Eyes and others are using real straight guys to appeal to gay viewers who like a little challenge...

So I included some pictures, some of which could be two guys if you didn't look closely...

So what d'ya say...are you turned on?

Steam Shower Anyone?

Randy Blue has had some hot scenes before...but this one was steamy (if you'll pardon the pun).

New Reviews

I've been busy adding new reviews to Adult Movies Today, including two brand new releases from HIS Video and a couple of older releases from Falcon and Vivid Man.

Check out all of my reviews on Adult Movies Today!

If You Aren't an Athlete, Please be an Athletic Supporter!

Summer's Coming...and It's Gonna be a Scorcher!

I was looking through some of my porn movies today and came (excuse the pun) across a couple movies I had from Vivid Man. They are the four hour long movies with various themes, Military, Bottoms, Auto Fellatio, etc. Well, the one that caught my eye was one I had forgotten about. It is called Best of Summer.

Besides being four hours long, and I think $10...nearly every scene takes place in or near the water....which is my favorite location for sex...somewhere with water :)

Anyway, I just thought I would share my appreciation. And if you are looking for other deals on porn, toys, or other gay related items, check out TLA's Clearance Sale!

Gay Porn's Next Generation

The first completely computer animated gay porn (that I know of) is being released this summer, and I am kind of confused about the potential market for this type of thing. I have not seen it, so I don't know how realistic it looks, but I cannot imagine that a jumpy animated porn would sell big. Hopefully it will look somewhat real, or at least as real as computer animation can get.

For more information on this and other gay adult releases, check out TLA Video.

I really need Here!

Sometimes you feel like a nut....sometimes you..

Well, okay, so you ALWAYS feel like a nut....but sometimes, just looking at some random hot photos will have to do!

Deaf Porn

I found these videos on Rocket Tube recently, and I have to say I am a little intrigued by this...I don't know what it is about ASL (American Sign Language) that interests gays & lesbians so much...but apparently there is a whole untapped genre out there!


Bo Dean & Dak Ramsey - Behind the Scenes

This makes me want to direct porn...I love the behind the scenes stuff...

Eye Catching Bulges 2

I find that when I see a guy who has a large bulge in his pants I find it difficult to look away...even when the man is not attractive, or the timing is really not great. Does this happen to anyone else?

Vintage Three

I don't know that I would really call these images vintage so much as just older than the 90's and black & white...

Nevertheless, enjoy them!

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