HAPPY New Years!

I was looking on Gay Porn Blog recently and I stumbled across a question, I found interesting. "Who would you fuck if there was no tomorrow?" Seeing as how this is New Year's Eve and there is one minute until Midnight, I figured I would consider this for just a moment.

I would love to hear your list of people, but here is mine...

1. My Boyfriend
2. One of my Exes
3. Jason Behr
4. Ryan Reynolds
5. Mario Lopez
6. Gregory Keith
7. Jason Adonis
8. Matthew Rush
9. Colton Ford
10. Dominic Purcell
11. You

Five Easy Ways to Fuck a Straight Guy

Yes, you heard me...step by step instructions from one straight guy to all gay men willing to listen. Jet Set Men exclusive models tell all on how they and other straight guys can be convinced to have sex with another guy!

This is a movie you will DEFINITELY want to check out, if nothing else, to satisfy your curiosity....I know you want to know!

Don't miss this one!

Adam Campbell, Jet Set Model, CollegeDudues247
Patrick Batemen, Jet Set Model, Corbin Fisher
Dempsey Stearns, Jet Set model, Suite 703

Too Gay for TV

I'm not sure I believe this really was a Carl's Jr. commercial, but if I ever saw this on TV I would definitely go out and get a messy burger to eat! And how is this WORSE than Paris Hilton's commercial for them?

Grrrr heterosexism!

Joe Jonas = Alexis Cruz

Jonas Brothers Picture

I do not understand the draw of the Jonas Brothers at all. Perhaps it is because they are aimed at the teeny-boppers that are much younger than me, but I think there are probably some older people that are attracted (for one reason or another) to them. I just do not get it. I do not find them particularly attractive, nor is their music something I HAVE to listen to.

But maybe the thing I dislike about them most is the fact that the lead singer, Joe Jonas, always reminded me of someone, but I could not figure out who.

Well mystery solved! He reminds me of Alexis Cruz, from the movie Stargate. I have tried to find pictures where they are making similar facial expressions so you can compare yourself. Keep in mind, Joe Jonas is younger and has longer hair than Alexis Cruz, but they look similar enough to creep me out.

Joe Jonas picture Gay
Alexis Cruz gay pic
Joe Jonas Gay Picture
Alexis Cruz Gay Picture

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He definitely needs to invest in a fabric that is either less clingy when wet, or just bare all and get it over with!Mario Lopez shirtless wet bulge

Djimon Hounsou - Can 'Push' Me

I am excited for the new movie 'Push', starring Djimon Hounsou, Chris Evans and former child star Dakota Fanning. Not only do I think it will be a pretty good movie, but Djimon and Chris are both really attractive men!

I think I like Djimon best in his role in Beauty Shop with Queen Latifa and Chris Evans from Fantastic Four, because he burns his clothes off!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Djimon where I think he is looking really good!

Next Door Buddies

Technically they are Next Door Buddies and Next Door Males, but I figured, why split hairs when you can just watch porn?

Bear Grylls - Man Vs. "Wild"

Bear Grylls Man vs wild

Well, no doubt you have probably heard about Bear Grylls' latest drama...if not, I will fill you in. Not too long ago (maybe 5-8 months ago) Bear Grylls, the host of the Discovery Channel's show "Man vs. Wild" was exposed as a "fake" because he does not actually do all the things he suggests he does, like...oh I don't know...sleep in the wild.

Sometimes, he and his crew, (yes he has a camera crew with him) stay in hotels or eat the food they have brought with him. People were in an uproar because he does not actually survive in the wilderness off the things he finds and builds. Fans of the other survivalist show, "Survivor Man" will note, that the host of that show is alone and has to make due with what he has.

Bear Grylls Man vs wildBear on the other hand is mostly giving survival techniques, not claiming that he actually survives on his own in the wild.

ANYWAY, recently he has apparently injured himself on an excursion to Antarctica. Apparently he was not filming for the Discovery Channel at the time, and as far as I know, he will be just fine. But that is not really a blow he television show can easily brush off.

To remedy that situation, I think it needs more nudity...

Bear Grylls Man vs wild
Bear Grylls Man vs wild
Bear Grylls Man vs wild
Bear Grylls Man vs wild

I love Monday!

Monday's used to be boring, the week had just started, with a lot of work yet to come. Now however, I know I will get to see Ryan McPartlin, Zachary Levi and Sendhil Ramamurthy. The first two on NBC's series "Chuck" and the last on NBC's show "Heroes."

If you haven't seen them, I recommend you start once the series resume in 2009, trust me, you will never look at Monday's the same way again!

Happy Chanukah!

As the festival of lights begins today with the setting of the sun, I just wanted to send a message to any readers out there who may not be celebrating Christmas, but Chanukah instead.

While I cannot be sure, I am going out on a limb and letting you know that manmeat is still considered kosher. So after dinner is over, don't forget, just because you cannot have pork, doesn't mean you can't eat dick.

Ryan Barry

Noah's Arc! I'm ready to set sail!

I LOVE Noah's Arc! I have both seasons on DVD and I cannot wait for the movie to become available on DVD. If you are lucky enough, it is still playing in theaters in select cities, but hurry, you don't want to miss this movie!

After the second season cliff hanger (there is a possibility some characters were killed off) the movie helps to clear up some possible outcomes. I have not seen it yet, so I cannot say for sure if everyone is okay...but Noah, Alex, Chance and Ricky are still gorgeous and full of life, so check out the show and/or movie as soon as you can!