Nice View

I wish I had a similar view from my room in college...oh well!

Fuck In Face (or) Ass

FIFA fever has spread across the world as the soccer (football) World Cup starts to heat up. But I am reminded just how hot those players are under their kit, and I would love to explore the other meaning for FIFA, (Fuck In Face or Ass)!

What the Eff? (3)

What happened to this guy's toes? They are ridiculously long, which makes me think they are a product of genetic engineering, or photoshop gone wrong.

UFC Main Event

I was sitting in a Bar in Vancouver, B.C. tonight, watching the UFC fights and I was happily surprised that I predicted the winner of the last two fights, including the one between UFC Veteran Chuck Liddell (his first time back in the octagon in a while) and former Middle Weight Champion, Rich Franklin. The main event was crazy!!! It didn't even last one full round, and the announcers predicted the loser would probably never step into the octagon again. I hope you saw the action!