Are you an athletic supporter?

I'm not sure what it is about jock straps, maybe it is the way they cup the ass, or cradle a man's bulge that makes me excited when I see them, but there is something that turns me on when I see a man in a jock strap.

I know I am not the only one, who shares my love of the jock strap?

Benjamin Godfre = HOT

I'm pretty sure this is the picture from when he called to speak to me ;-)  (Or did I dream that?)

Car Trouble...

I think if any of the mechanics that worked near me looked like this and didn't mind gawkers, I would intentionally break my car just so I could work it off in trade :) Their services for my servicing...ah fantasies.

Ivy League Clip 2

Can I please go back to college? I'd like to rush a frat house!

Sean Cody clips

Back a while ago I had a membership to Sean Cody, but then they stopped working with Apple computers so I had to cancel my membership. Apparently they are Apple friendly again, so I have to seriously consider a renewal of my membership.

I sure do miss these things...

Gay Chicken?

I saw this video (NSFW!) once, and even though very little happens I love the concept of this clip. When I was young I played a similar game with a straight friend...I called it the "tickle game" and essentially, we rubbed each other's bodies until one of us laughed, then we switched.

This eventually just became mutual masturbation, but it was great fun while it lasted.

I am curious if anyone else had similar experiences when they were growing up, just coming out, etc.  I know I did not invent seducing straight boys, even when I thought I was a straight boy tell me your stories!

College Jocks/Frat Boys

What is it about them that drives me wild? I don't know that it matters...they are fucking hot!

The Adonises

One of the first gay porn movies I ever saw (I was a late explorer in the world of porn) had Jason Adonis in it. It was for the movie "The Hole" and I can remember watching a show about straight men that did gay porn for money (a.k.a. gay for pay) and he was one of them. I remember thinking that he was cute and a while later, I ordered the movie and watched his scene, which was very hot...since then I have usually watched things he has been in, including the scene below from "The Farmer's Son" where he bottomed for Erik Rhodes.

A while after that, I heard about "Taking Flight" which featured relative new comer/cummer to gay porn, Tristan Adonis (his brother?) I'm not sure if they are actually related, though they do look a lot any rate, both are hot and deserve some attention, so here you go!

Turkish Oil Wrestling - Two

Erik Rhodes

Erik did not used to be high on my list of favorite porn stars, but he has climbed the ranks faster than anyone else has, and when he appears with my other favorites I am guaranteed to have a good time watching the action unfold.

His amazing body, interesting personality and off-color sense of humor make him easy to like, and if you haven't seen or heard him when he is not on film, you should check him out, he seems like a cool guy.

Anyway, here is just a small tribute to a big porn star..

Turkish Oil Wrestling - One

Has anyone ever seen pictures or video of Turkish oil wrestling?  It is a traditional sport in Turkey that a lot of people turn out for, and lots of men compete in.  It is similar to non-oily wrestling (at least it seems that way to me) with some key differences...I am sure you will be able to tell.

It reminds me a little of this kind of oil wrestling, which may have originated as a direct result of the Turkish traditions....I'm not sure.  But both are hot!