Straight for Pay - The New Gay Frontier

Blake Riley, Shifting Gears
I have already discussed gay for pay, and that has been around for a while in the gay porn industry. Now Chi Chi LaRue and Ricky Sinz have created (separately) Straight for Pay movies and scenes for our consumption. I assume this is geared toward a gay audience because of the men, but straight and bisexual men and women may also get into this genre as well.
Ricky Sinz, Rascal Video
The premise of these films is that gay porn actors are paid (as usual) to star in straight porn scenes, which seems pretty self explanatory. But I guess I do not understand the purpose of this. Admittedly some men, regardless of sexual orientation will find these scenes hot, but are they much hotter than a regular straight male and straight female scene? Maybe the guys are more appealing to a gay audience because they are well known in that arena, but honestly, there are some hot straight porn stars that I don't mind watching, no matter whose hole they are sticking it in.

That is beside the point however.

Similar to this genre, Jake Cruise launched his website Straight Guys for Gay Eyes which features straight men having sex with women, but rather than focusing on her pleasure and features, it is more or less visually worshipping the straight male body. Again however, straight porn marketed for gay male consumption.
Jake Cruise
Is this something that people are actually interested in, or have porn directors and entrepreneurs strayed a bit too far away from things gay men are willing to buy? I'm not saying I haven't or wouldn't watch lol, but maybe I am an outlier. Who knows.
Jake Cruise
Jake Cruise

UK Naked Men

It just goes to show you that you should never steal a book in London without being willing to pay the price. However, when you figure the price you pay is getting head and then having sex with the shop owner, I think the crime rate may suddenly shoot up!

Circumcision Results!

I am surprised to say after polling my readers, and my myspace friends for a week, there is an equal interest in cut, uncut and both lol. Which essentially tells me that we just like dick, no matter what, and no one has a dick that is not appealing to someone.

I guess that makes sense, although I truly thought there would be a difference between the preferences.

Oh well, Thank You to those who voted and/or commented!

To trim or not to trim, the pubes...that is my question

Over time, I have noticed a trend that has occurred across porn websites and certain studio films as well, that has got me wondering whether this was a personal style choice, or something else.


When I first noticed it, it was something that emerged on Sean Cody, he noticed that some of the straight guys would come in completely shaved. And when I say completely, I mean COMPLETELY! According to them, they had to do it in order to convince girls to blow them. But Sean always wrote that he liked a little hair on a guy. This seems to suggest a personal choice, but also a trend that occurred possibly in pube length.

When porn started, the natural look was in for guys at least, and they always had lots of pubic hair, which may not have been attractive to some people, but pornography was new, and seeing anyone naked was better than nothing!

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Then once porn became more readily available through the internet, and sex was pretty much everywhere, we started to care more about what we saw and whom we saw naked. Suddenly pubic hair did matter, and if you only showed lots of hair and people didn't like it, you weren't getting much business!

Then, there is the whole issue of who will actually suck your dick if they keep getting hair in their teeth. Trust me, that is not fun for anyone! As a result, men and women trimmed, shaved and waxed their way to a smooth genital bliss!

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But having no "grass on the field" may also make people like they shouldn't be "playing the game" at all. It reminds us a little too much of being younger, and for many people, the idea of sex with someone significantly younger is not arousing.

Now men and women have given up the bare skin look for something a little more natural, but still manageable. The trimmed pubic region is visually appealing because it is not reminiscent of a jungle, but still allows us to feel less creepy.

My question to you, the reader then is this: What do you prefer?

Natural, Shaved or Trimmed?

Josh Hammer Gets Nailed in Jet Set Production's, The Hole

I am a BIG fan of Jet Set movies, and The Hole was one of the first porn movies I had ever seen. I got a late start in porn apparently. At any rate, I just watched it again recently, and LOVED it still.

Tag Erikkson and Jason Adonis are HOT in this movie, so that was a plus. And Adam Killian makes a brief cameo in a hot scene where he just sort of rubs himself all over Tag Erikkson as Tag masturbates.

It's a really hot movie, and I definitely recommend it!

Amateur Straight Guys

I posted my thoughts on straight guys in gay porn and the fantasies that surround them, now here is a clip that can help ease the tension I may have caused to arise in your pants ;-)

Gay for Pay

I was thinking recently about gay for pay and gay porn with "str8" characters. Why is this a big draw for gay audiences? I am not saying I don't enjoy it, many of the people I talk about on this blog are, or at least claim to be straight. And I have included video clips for Gay Chicken, which makes two "straight" guys engage in man on man action.

It also goes back to the porn website "Baitbus," where 'unsuspecting' guys would be lured into a van with a group of strangers, and the promise of sex with a woman. They would agree, take off their pants and cover their eyes, and a guy would start sucking their dicks. Eventually they were allowed to look down, saw it was a guy, got mad and pushed him. It ALWAYS happened like this. Then they would calm down and fuck him. ALWAYS!

I don't know if this site is still around, but if it is, it is selling the idea of forbidden sex. Straight men and gay men are not supposed to have sex together, but this website made it possible.

So, I am just wondering, what is the draw of straight men? It is the challenge of landing someone who theoretically isn't attracted to you? Is it their masculinity that is attractive? Tell me what you like if you get off on that kind of porn or sex.

-Homo, Erect Us!

Accidental Cock shots

I think some of my favorite cock shots are pictures where the nudity is unintended, such as in sporting events. I am sure most of you have seen them, but here are some real (and staged) sports images that are kind of hot. They are not all high quality, but they are pretty entertaining.


Circumcized or Not?

I just created a poll, located on the right hand side of the blog. I am curious about whether more men like dicks that are circumcised, uncircumcised, or don't really care. If you have an opinion, vote in my poll!

-Homo, Erect Us!

Leo Giamani Photos 2

It seems that Leo Giamani is a big hit, so here are some more pictures of him and his huge dick!

Okay, I am all for him being gay for pay...but can we please not ruin things by posting pictures like the following (I realize that I am doing what I wish people wouldn't...but if I didn't wouldn't you wonder??)

I mean, he looks like he is in pain, not grimacing from pleasure. Does this excite anyone? Because it really just makes my ass hurt, and that's not hot!

Rafael Alencar - I want You

Rafael Alencar is someone who I have found attractive pretty much since I first saw him. He is a gay porn star, and has a huge cock, but he is also a mainstream model as well. A porn star with a life and a living outside of porn... interesting.

Rafael Alencar
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Rafael Alencar
Rafael Alencar