Brett and Topher on Randy Blue

Brett & Topher getting Randy! Randy Blue that is...

Nothing But Chaps - Viewer Pics (3)

He's back with even hotter pics of himself in his black leather chaps if you like what you see let him know by leaving a comment...and if you have some suggestions, let him know...maybe he'll oblige!

Favorite Porn Clip Ever!

The acting is poor, the video quality is not top notch...but this is still perhaps my favorite porn clip ever! I'm not sure why I think it is even that hot, but I have seen it over and over again and I still never get tired of watching these two guys fuck!

Let me know what you think!

Random Pictures

This looks like a cafeteria line of sex..."What would you like today?" "I'll take a piece of that hot ass you've got, it looks mighty nice." "Cumming right up!"

I love a good 69 picture where you can see both guys swallowing the other's rocks my world a little bit....

Click his dick to make it bigger...not that it needs it.

Three, Two, One

Three Hot Holes
Two Guys Licking Nipples
One Huge pool of cum!

Get to Work! (2)

For those days when the stress of the office is getting to you, find a new way to spend your lunch break!

Viewer Pics - Hot Chaps! (2)

If you liked his last set of photos, then you will LOVE this one! He is back in his chaps and looking as hot as ever, but now you get an eye full of his hard cock! I am in lust with this man for sure!

Sin City!

You may have to press play, then pause to let the video load for a couple minutes for uninterrupted viewing. And try opening this post in a new window by clicking on "Sin City!" at the top.