Sheer perfection

These sheer briefs leave little to the imagination, which is good - imagination is overrated sometimes!

Going Down in the Valley

Cops Doing it on Duty

I have to imagine when the urge strikes you, you can't say no.  Even if you are a cop in uniform and on duty.  But the best part is, it looks like he's doing it for someone to enjoy, and in the third frame, it looks like he almost gets caught by a passerby.  I would have stopped to help out an officer in need!

Watch it grow...

You don't even have to add water to watch this sucker get bigger!  And the best part is, after you're done playing with it, it shrinks back to it's original size to be used over and over again!

Yes please!

I forgot this celebrity's name, but I would do that for him in a heartbeat.  Got a celeb you'd help out if he were in a bind?  Let me know about it!


 Some of these guys have really just stuff their briefs to bursting, and I'd love to be there when they burst!

Calvin Koons & Tony Newport

After seeing him roll his eyes back into his head while getting his shaft worked over, I had to find more...enjoy!

Built Thick

Long Fuckin' Dong!

Good god, I don't personally want anything so hefty, because let's be honest, most guys can't take that without a lot of prep work, but I'd love to see it and play with it just for a while...or more.

Love to Be Rimmed

This guy is a lucky SOB, he's getting rimmed all over the place lately!

Mmm ice cream!

This just seems funny and fitting due to the whole commotion in the church right now.