Malachi Switches Teams

You may not have seen this new video from Randy Blue yet, but I am telling you that it is definitely worth checking out. I have long been a fan of Malachi Marx...his face and body are amazing! And any time I can see him do something or someone with it I am a happy guy! So imagine my happy surprise when I found him featured in this new scene with another Randy Blue hottie!

But who is this mystery man who hot mouth and tight hole get Malachi to go gay? You'll just have to look and see for yourself!

Swallow Dick Much!?

It has been said that I am pretty good at oral sex, and while I cannot confirm nor deny the claims, I have heard it a lot. Maybe it was just guys trying to make me feel better, but when they are still saying it long after I've stopped...I am going to go ahead and assume there is at least some truth to that.

But because I am not one who desires to hold that title alone, I thought I would share some tips I found on the internet. During a Stumble Upon stumbling fit, I found the images below which demonstrate how to better accommodate a dick further back in your throat without gagging.

Now I know there are some size queens out there and for those of you who are, this may help...

The first image is just a picture of the head when nothing is happening. You can see the size of the relaxed esophagus (not very large) and the somewhat larger trachea. If you were to attempt to suck a dick this way, it wouldn't get very far past the back of your mouth.

This second image demonstrates a common mistake people make when trying to deep throat or just suck dick in general, holding your breath. Besides being a little uncomfortable, it actually enlarges the trachea, making it harder to get that dick down your throat! And then you have to stop every few seconds (depending on how long you can hold it) to breathe again, which is not the best.

Rather than attempting to hold your breath, it is easier to make room if you exhale completely. Now this seems counter intuitive, to exhale completely. You should be coming up for air in a matter of seconds, but you can actually get by without breathing for a period of time.

Now I should of course point out that everyone's body utilizes oxygen differently, some people have very efficient bodies and can go without breathing for longer. Others cannot absorb oxygen that well and will need to breathe more frequently. You should only do what is comfortable for you and stop if you begin to feel dizzy or light headed. No one wants you to pass out on their cock!
So try it out, tell me what you think and if you get positive feedback, let me know!

Have any sex tips or questions of your own?? Send me an e-mail at or leave a comment here!

Seduction from Buckleroos

This scene happens to crack me up because it features a religious group which is very prominent where I live and watching them get into the sex kind of plays into an inside joke we have here.

If you like it, and want to see more, you can check out both Buckleroo's DVDs at

These Guys Have Great Assets

gay bubble buttI love a guy with a nice ass

shear thong, gay, jockstrap of course see-thru underwear is a plus as well...
gay photos nude modelI also love great photography
gay tool belt nude modeland a man who can fix things when they break is hard to find
hot nude mena good fashion sense is also a plus

Roman's Hot Holiday

I just watched the preview for this new Falcon release, and while I have never really been a huge fan of Roman Heart, I may be on the brink of changing my mind, especially after seeing what he gets himself into in this movie!

Check it out!

"The Fall" by Justin Mortelliti

I was watching the newly released gay movie, "Dog Tags", the other day and the opening scenes are set to this song that I thought was really good called "The Fall." After some searching on-line I found out that the song was sung by this guy...
Justin Mortelliti Justin Mortelliti

I don't know much about him, but he is relatively new to the professional music world, he recently released a CD with a few songs on them (The Fall is one of them) available on iTunes if you are interested in taking a listen.

But I think he went on tour, possibly with a Disney production, called Kidz Bop I believe. That is not that interesting to me, but hey what can I do.

Anyway, here are a few more pics of him for your viewing pleasure!
Justin Mortelliti
Justin Mortelliti
Justin Mortelliti

"I've Got a Friend IN Me!" Fuck Buddies by HIS Video

In this hot release from HIS Video, ten guys find various ways to spend their afternoons with their best friends...I mean, their best fucks!

So if you are in need of a hot way to kill some time, check out this movie and my review. It makes for a great night alone or with friends!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in owning, you can purchase the movie for just under $25 by going to this page.

Shane's World Male presents "Key West Vacation"

Shane's World Male - Key West Vacation

Admittedly, when this movie started, with two guys walking through an airport in Florida and they meet up with three other guys I honestly thought, "This movie is about to be a massive waste of my time!" Boy was I ever wrong! Though it is difficult to tell if these guys are all supposed to be gay or not, they definitely get themselves into some really gay predicaments!

To check out my review, more pictures or to purchase this movie, simply follow the links!

Vintage One

I found some of these vintage images and thought I would create a few posts with what I can locate on-line. And it got me thinking, what is sexier? Vintage images where gay porn was either hidden behind some other pretense or when it was just coming into its own...or is it hotter now? Let me know what you think!

Some of these are obviously more recent than others, but I am fairly confident (correct me if I am wrong) that they are at least from the 70's/80's or before.

I will try to find truly vintage images for future postings, but I hope you enjoy these.

Let that be a lesson to you Sheila!

Well, I would hate to get this in my e-mail inbox...but it is kind of funny since I'm fairly sure it is fake.

Angels & Demons

I recently discovered the work of Ismael Alvarez and I wanted to share it with you. These are some of his Angel and Demon pictures, which I thought had a good ring to it, but there are plenty more images in his galleries of all types and for all tastes. Definitely worth looking into!