I need to travel more! (2)

Things that make you say WTF!?

A couple of things are weird to me in this shoot...the first is Malachi Marx's hair. It looked SO much better short in my opinion and this look is not working for me. The second is WTF, I thought you left porn behind Malachi? I mean I love to watch you suck dick, and for a "straight" guy you seem to love it to...but what's with the return? I'll be keeping an eye out for more from him in the future, don't worry!

To see more from this scene, check out Randy Blue

Tea Bagging...

Apparently, this pledge likes all kinds of tea, but something tells me this is not Earl Grey!

Laid Off

Getting laid off is definitely something that is at or near the top of just about everyone's list of things they do not want to experience, but somehow if a threesome accompanied by pink slip I think I might just consider it a win. Check out more pics at Falcon Studios

Show Me Your Teeth!

This is one of the hottest videos I have seen in a while. It is definitely a little cheesy and campy, but still so good! I hope you enjoy!

Frat Boys Will Do Anything!

I found these pics on Haze Him and I cannot say I am surprised by what I saw...get some beer in them and Frat boys will do just about anything...even each other!

I need to travel more!

Because these are some guys around the country that caught my eye...

Roughin' It

I don't do a lot of movie promotions much any more...but this one was just a bit too hot to handle! To see some stills from the movie, check out the Falcon gallery.


Someone sent me these pics, and I thought they looked pretty good. Not sure who the model is though

Discovered Hotties...

I just found this in my drafts folder...and I'm not sure if I published it or not. On the off chance that I didn't, here it is!