Prostate Massage - Review

I was recently contacted by the Mangasm brand of sex toys to do a review of some of their products.  Having reviewed porn in the past for Jet Set, Falcon, HIS Video, Titan, Colt, and others, I was excited to have the opportunity for a bit more of a hands on or in this case, hands off review.

The first product I reviewed was called the Mangasm Buzz, which is battery operated and has multiple speeds and vibration modes.  When I first received the Mangasm Buzz, I was pretty excited to find that it was really soft and pliable to the touch.  It feels more like skin than other prostate massagers I have tried in the past.
 I included an image of the packaging, as well as the actual vibrating component, which is about the size of a AA battery.  It included the batteries required to turn it on, though once I unscrewed the top to remove the piece of paper stopping it from accidentally turning on during shipping, I had a hard time getting it back on correctly.  I ended up removing the piece completely (seen above), and screwing it back on like that.  This also allowed me to wash everything before trying it out.  Because it is a soft massager, you may want to consider using a condom, or getting really clean before use.

As you can see, the insertable length is about the same as a standard CD, about five inches.  When everything was prepped and ready, I got to work, and went to town with the Buzz, which I found a little difficult to actually insert.  There is a pretty significant hook on the end, which for me, was making it a bit uncomfortable to insert.  After relaxing and giving myself a minute to get used to it I found it pretty comfortable and started the various vibration modes.  The website claims there are five, but I think there are more than that.  I never actually got around to counting, but I would say there are at least seven or eight.  There is sure to be a setting you will like, and as things get going on the front with masturbation, the natural clenching of your sphincter actually helps the Buzz to hit you in all the right places!


  • It isn't too long, making it a good start for everyone.
  • The soft, pliable material makes it more comfortable than some other hard plastic massagers.
  • My partner used it and was finished in minutes, surprising even himself - so faster, more intense orgasms are a great benefit!
  • Inserting was a little difficult for me (not a bottom) but once inside it was okay

Overall, the Mangasm Buzz is a great addition to my collection of sex enhancers, and based on how much my partner liked it, I'm sure it will get a lot of use in my house!

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