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Oops. I Stumbled..

I found these in a folder on my computer recently and could not remember if I had posted them or not...I'm pretty sure not. But if there are some duplicates, I am sorry!

Rugby Lads - Jocks blow their rocks...

I just reviewed the new release from EruoBoy Sport, Rugby Lads.  It was actually incredibly hot and I am definitely going to need to review it at least a few more times, for my pleasure.

I have included some stills and publicity shots from the movie, but to read my whole review of Rugby Lads go to Adult Movies Today!


Three's Company, but Jake's a Crowd!

These pictures came from a Jake Cruise scene which posted to his site about a week or two ago. It features Jake Cruise hottie Michael Von Steel (my boyfriend LOVES him!) and Calix Milan in a hot scene together, but then super daddy Jake Cruise joins in on the action, and I will let you decide how that works for you. Do you like scenes where Jake gets involved or do you prefer he stick to behind the scenes only?

To see more pictures from this threesome, check out Jake Cruise...

Just Plain Hot

I think all of these guys are incredibly hot, but this first one is especially hot...he is kind of guy next door looking...but oh so sexy!

Muscle Heads!

Muscle Heads, the new release from Colt Studio is one hot collection of sex!  Colt movies are always hot of course, but these are wet dreams cum true!

Check out my review and some pictures from the movie at Adult Movies Today

Please Andrew Christian!!

Don't forget your underwear business...I would hate to lose ads like this because you moved into women's fashions. Be like Tom Ford and design for two lines...I know you have it in you!

Fantasies Cum True!!!

These are some of my favorite movies of all time, and some are just hot scenes featuring men in, and out, of uniform...I hope you love them as much as I do!

Give Peace a Chance....

Here is one of Randy Blue's newest solo videos....this guy claims to be straight, but spends a lot of time showing off his pink hole...and he plays with it a lot! If he is straight, he has had some sort of gay experience because he seems to know too much...

Enough of my conspiracy theory, enjoy the pictures!

Never Mess with a Zohan!

In this case it is Zohan Lopez, and Parker Riley apparently did not get the message and gets fucked in the end as a result...literally! To see more from this scene, check out Cocksure Men!

Live Show Let Down

I just saw the live show that Adam Champ did for Colt a little while ago and I have to say I am not at all impressed.  First, he really didn't talk to the camera or look in it very much.  You kind of just see him sitting there typing to the chat room and occasionally chuckling.  Meanwhile there is a tv going in the background, and his boyfriend, fellow Colt model Carlo Masi is also typing away on a computer in another room.

While all this is happening, Champ is eating something, which is not really something I would tune into a live chat to watch...and drinking soda out of what looks like a 2-liter bottle.  His shirt is off for most of the session, but he is sitting so you only really see his shoulders unless he stands up.  There is a brief period of time where Carlo comes over and gives him head, which was nice...but overall, it was boring, not sexy and a little gross, because I do not personally like watching people eat.

Please make it sexier next time around Adam!

PS:  Carlo Masi's vid on Feb. 10th featured the couple fucking live...that was hot!  Adam still had his unattractive moments though...like yelling into the camera "You wanna see him!?"  Not hot.

Sean Cody Scene

Interview with TJ Hawke

I was fortunate recently to get the chance to interview Falcon Exclusive TJ Hawke, who has become big news in the gay porn industry, earning him a nomination for GayVN’s “Best Top 2009″ award. His list of films continues to grow, and includes his most recent film, The Trainer which will be released later this month, Asylum also starring Erik Rhodes and Leo Giamani and Rough Play, where Hawke was the star. What I noticed from the interview was that he seems to be very level-headed and down to earth, he has some pretty interesting plans for the future including a goal to open a sex club and aspirations of becoming a model.

1. You have said in the past that you knew you were destined for a career in adult entertainment, so now that you are living your dream, is it what you expected it to be? Its an exciting life, its brought me some pretty good money and Ive been able to meet many awesome people and its hella great getting recognized.

2. Since becoming a Falcon Exclusive, how has your career changed? Drastically! Falcon has been great to me, they saved me from my past job doing construction!

3. Who have you not yet worked with (Director and/or Star) that you are hoping to work with in the future? I’d love to work with Chi Chi LaRue, shes awesome!

4. What has been your favorite porn moment so far? Id have to say shooting my last movie Asylum! I had a GREAT time with the guys on the set!

5. If you someday decide to bottom on camera, who would you ideally like to be your top? Ummmm Blake Riley? (I have to agree with this choice, that would be one hot scene!)

6. Do you have future porn aspirations after being an actor, or do you think your life in porn will end when the sex on camera does? No, I’d love to do modeling work……maybe for an underwear line! (2Xist and Andrew Christian, be on the look out!)

7. What is the craziest or most unexpected thing that has ever happened while you were shooting? Running into a “straight” friend from High School at one of my movie shoots… (I think we’ve all had a moment like this.)

8. If you had not become a porn star, what would you be doing now? Ummmmmm laying concrete, working with a jackhammer….My dream though is to open my own sex club for gay or straight folks.

9. What is something that fans may not know about you? That I was a successful wrestler in High School back in my hometown of Modesto,Ca. And that I have a scar on my dick from burning it accidentally on a wall heater. (OUCH!)

10. Anything you would like to say to your fans, aspiring porn stars, or my readers? Keep on buying my movies and I promise to always keep u guys wanting to cum back for more!
To Aspiring Porn Stars? Make sure that you save as much money as you can cause it wont last forever.

Jock Appeal

These guys definitely have jock appeal!