Happy 2010 Middle America!!

May your New Year be sticky and sweet!

Happy New Year East Coast!!!!!

I hope you all popped your cork together!

New Year's Bang Reminder - #3

Don't forget, 12:00am EST (or whatever your local time, if you prefer...mine is Mountain) to grab your man, a toy, some lube or a random guy off the street and welcome 2010 with a bang!

And like I said, if you take pics or video and are willing to share....send them my way!

BANG x 2!!

Just a few hours left until the balls drop, corks pop and cum flies! So get your ass in gear and make sure you don't miss the climax heard around the world!!

And if you take pictures or videos of yourself ending 2009 with a load, send them my way and I will post what I get for a very sticky start to the new year!


Let's Go Out with a BANG!

Tomorrow night is the last night of 2009 and I propose that everyone end it with a really amazing orgasm! So line up your partner, your sex toy or trick and do the count down with me. As the ball drops in Time Square, unload your balls anywhere you can!

Dear John 2

I found another one...

Dear John...

Ask and ye shall receive...I feel like I have posted many of these before, but maybe not. In the meantime, check out my blog history for other Sean Cody goodies!

ps: The issue with Sean Cody videos is that they are VERY good at finding them online and removing them quickly, making links obsolete within weeks or months. So enjoy them while they last!

Dayton O'Connor


No nudity is better...

Also, I think that last pic was Roman Hart.