Mmm ice cream!

This just seems funny and fitting due to the whole commotion in the church right now.

BAM! Cock in your face

Happy Valentine's Day!

Enjoy your evening, whatever you're doing!

One D...Gay

I'm not really one to wonder about, or even really pretend to care much about whether a celeb is gay or not.  I have posted some fake pictures of celebs, true, but only if they were obviously fake.  Or I've posted some look alikes.  So when it comes to One Direction, and whether they are actually gay or not, I don't know and I don't care.  The first picture obviously isn't them, but it is kind of funny...but if you watch the look on the face of the one getting groped, he looks confused, then excited, then it almost seems like he is determined not to look like he cares or even notices.

 But the move is so casual, and familiar almost that it just seemes suspicious.  So, gay or straight, enjoy yourself boys...because why not?

Harlem Shake - Jock Strap

I have really missed the cultural phenomenon that is the Harlem Shake...I have no idea when/where it started, but while spending some time browsing videos on YouTube, it became almost impossible to miss them, so I took a look at a couple...not bad!  Most are only 30 seconds, but sometimes you have to watch a couple of times to see everything.


Rimming? Yes Please!

 This is a pretty good visual of a great night in my opinion, it's even illustrated to make sure you know where you'll be spending it.

 And if you can get me to the point where my eyes roll back in my head....Mmmm please let me know so we can set that up!