Lend Me Your Ears...

And mouths, dicks, asses, hands...well basically just your whole body...

What a Douche!

I was at the store today and saw this book sitting on the bargain shelf, so I thought I would take a look...apparently this whole douche bag men thing has taken off...MTV has a show about it, there is a website and a book...who knew!
But in flipping through this book I came across some pictures that had some guys that were actually attractive...douches, yes, but hot nonetheless. I have shared some hot and not so hot guys with you below.

What is up with his facial hair though...seriously!?
I'm not sure what mental failure caused this epic faux hawk faux pas
So there you go...some of the most interesting pictures I could find of douche bags. I guess sometimes you can judge a man by his faux hawk.

Job Hunting?

I have not posted much from Frat Pad in the past, but after looking at the site again, I realized I had been missing out, so there will be more from there in the future. But I was thinking about it as I am currently job searching at the moment...this would be an AMAZING job! All you have to do is sit around, look good and jack off or get mixed up in some crazy nude man on man hijinx! Not bad for a day's work!

Best Sex Ever?

I wanted to hear some of your stories about your best sex ever...maybe it was with a random hook-up, a boyfriend, best friend...where was it and what made it the best? Send me a comment with the details...and who knows, maybe I will share one of my stories too..

UK Tough Guy Challenge

Every year for the past 23 years, there has been a charity event held in England that puts your manhood on display for the world...often in more than one way.

Pretty sure these last two are actually different guys with the same outfit. Now don't you just hate when someone else shows up in the same thing you're wearing!?

Pat Bateman gets down!