Life's a Beach!

What the Eff?

I am going to be posting a couple of these in the next few days/weeks because I have found a lot of weird pictures while scouring the internet...

I found this one and thought "Wow, this is pretty hot..." until I noticed the thing on the exposed leg of the guy on top. I can't tell if it is a bandage, or a scar or something else. Click on the pic to make it larger and check it out for yourself.

How the West was HUNG!

Punk Rock

I like a lot of things about this guy...his hair, his chest and arms and his slightly undefined abs...I'm sure if he flexed it would be rippling, but I like the softer look here.

Tall, Dark and Handsome!

I'm not really sure why this guy is wearing this costume, but he has an amazing body, I will justg have to look past the crazy get up...

Devin Draz is Manly

Devin Draz, one of the newest Randy Blue guys has been described by them as "manly" which admittedly, does seem to be a pretty good description of his look. If you want to see more pictures from his jack off scene or watch the action unfold, check out the gallery from Randy Blue!

Rugby Lads 2 - These Guys Know How to Score!

I just posted a new review on Adult Movies Today for Rugby Lads 2, the follow-up movie to the successful Rugby Lads (which I have also reviewed on Adult Movies Today.)

This time around, Harold Zen has rounded up even more players from his team to explore their sexuality off the rugby pitch, and they are only too happy to oblige. Bathrooms, locker rooms and showers set the stage for this hot man on man action from Euroboy.

Zane and Maximo on Cock Sure Men

These two seem to really enjoy their romp on Cock Sure Men recently, which is great to should be fun and hot, not serious and moody.

To see more, check out Cock Sure Men!

Mile High Club Scene

I think this is why airplane bathrooms are so small now....

The *Not So* Ugly Truth

I saw The Ugly Truth last night, and while the movie was just so-so in my opinion, Gerard Butler and Eric Winter, the two men vying for Katherine Heigel's attention were anything but ugly! If you are planning on seeing this movie, I would suggest you not take anyone who is even slightly offended by foul language, because the movie was full of language that shocked even me, who never thought myself bothered by what people said.

That said, these guys are so hot that it may be worth checking out...Eric Winter gets naked within the first minute of appearing on film, and his body is amazing! If you saw it, or see it soon, let me know what you thought.

Dream Lovers...Cum to Life

This is what I wish would happen after I was woken up before I was supposed to get up...

Make sure you check out the video below and to see more from this scene check out the gallery from Randy Blue

Stumbled Hotties!

I love Stumble Upon...I have found so many amazing pictures that way!

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I dunno who he is...

but if there's a dust storm tonight, he's going in my bedroom.

Okay, I took some liberties, but where I live, it's more likely to have a dust storm than a snow storm. Anyone know where I got the quote??