HIS Video - Dracula...This is a Parody

 I received Dracula, This is a Parody in the mail last week and I have been excited to view it ever since it arrived!  When they were filming this video, I was actually invited to the set, but due to location and travel requirements, I was unable to make it.  So I waited for months to see if the people from Hustler would send it to me.  And they did not let me down!

The story is essentially the one you have known from Bram Stoker, but with a gay twist.  Mina becomes Michael, Dracula's long lost love's doppelganger, whom he travels to London to meat, yes meat.

Because it was called a parody, I kept waiting for it to be funny, but it never was.  Either I was too busy to notice the humor, or it was really lacking.  But that did not negatively impact the video, which is by far the BEST video I have seen come out of HIS Video.  Normally all the guys are gay for pay and it's awkward, but in Dracula, they all seem to really love cock as much as me.

The scenes were so hot, that I actually even watched the solo jackoff scene all the way through, which I never do!  That is really saying something about the new quality of the video production and the casting that HIS Video is putting forward now.

If I had to list a negative, it would be that the 3D version was not adding much to my experience, and although hilarious, the red and blue glasses don't really work for me.  BUT, since I don't have a 3D blu-ray player, it makes 3D accesible to everyone.

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