Some Guys...

Have all the luck.  This guy is chisled, nice face, and packing some heat!  Or is that meat?

Straight Boys Make Me Laugh (9)

In this installment of Straight Boys Make Me Laugh, we find that Straight Guys are really obsessed with asses.  As a Gay Guy, I can completely understand the interest in hot male ass, but if I were straight, I think I'd be less inclined.  These guys show me just how wrong I am, as the flaunt and worship ass in this series of pictures.  Enjoy!

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Just Checking...

 Have you check your shorts lately?  Keeping it "clean" and disease-free down there is always a good thing!

 Whether you regularly visit a physician, or rarely get checked or screened for anything, keeping yourself and other's healthy should be a priority for everyone.
So get tested, and screened regularly for STI's, Prostate and Testicular Cancer, and prove that you are man enough to handle your manhood!

And then maybe let me handle your manhood also ;-)

Lick it!

Straight Boys Make Me Laugh (8)

It's been a really long time since I've posted one of these, but god are they hilarious!  I hope you enjoy this, the 8th installment of "Straight Boys Make Me Laugh."

Yep, it's jock strap heavy, which I can appreciate...but why the hell are straight guys hanging out in their jocks with other straight guys?  I really want to know, and I want to get into these parties!

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Workout Buddies

It's always nice to have someone who shares your dedication to breaking a sweat, a knowledge of how to lift correctly, and really pushes you beyond where you thought you could go!

Morning Wood 2

 Whether you're pitching a tent in your boxers, or struggling to keep your stiffy in your shorts, there's nothing quite like waking up to your own, or someone else's hard on.

Go ahead....give it a squeeze for me!

Gettin' Screwed

What Happens to Pumpkins

I realize it's been November for a while already, but I recently drove past a pumpkin patch near my home and wondered what happens to all those sad little pumpkins that didn't get carved up and set ablaze during Halloween.

I know there's things like Pumpkin Chunkin' or whatever it's called, but surely not all of them get used for pies or splattering.  And then I saw the photos below and all my questions were answered...they are PUMP-kins, and they ARE used for cream pies, and splattering cum.

Show Your Dick!

Here are some great pieces of meat from Girth Brooks and Muhktar Safarov, to James Caan, and some amateur hotties as well.  I hope you enjoy!