These Straight Guys are Orally Fixated

Okay, this guy is not actually getting or giving head, but it looks like he wants it....or I do.
I'm not sure what exactly is happening in this picture, but it does seem to suggest some sort of homoeroticism...

Huge Cocked Guys

On the Hunt has some pretty unbeliveably hot videos...these guys' cocks are HUGE!

Strawberries & Cream Anyone?

MMA Fighters are Hot

I was watching "The Ultimate Fighter" the other day, the competition to find the newest Ultimate Fighting Champ...and some of those guys were hot. That got me thinking about the other Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters, who are also pretty sexy.

I have included some pics of MMA fighters, as well as just some hot guys who are not necessarily MMA fighters, but wearing the right clothing.


Matthew Rush Directs for On The Hunt

Holy Hell! Matthew Rush directed this incredibly hot scene for On The Hunt and I about creamed myself when I saw it!

In related news, I got these behind the scenes clips for you because I definitely love behind the scenes action, sometimes more than what ends up in the actual video, so I hope you enjoy this insider look at gay porn!

Straight Guys LOVE to Kiss...

I forgot...

I meant to add a video clip from yesterday's you go!

To see even more from Pat Batemen and Arpad Miklos, check out On the Hunt for yourself!

Empire Boys - Cumming Soon!

A friend of mine alerted me to an up & cumming amateur site called Empire Boys. You can add them to your facebook, myspace and/or twitter account to make sure you know when they finally go live! You can also give them your e-mail address to get updates sent to your inbox.

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Hunting For Porn?

I just found this new off shoot from ManHunt called On The Hunt, where porn stars do scenes but I think they are shot by other porn stars....which is kind of cool, because who knows gay sex better than those who engage in it themselves? Some of my favorite working porn directors started out as stars, so On The Hunt may definitely be on to something...look for more updates soon!

Peek a Boo!

Jason Adonis Wrestles

A young Jason Adonis wrestles and wins his prize in this oldie but a goodie!

This video has a lot of build up, but I am a big fan of what happens during that build up, so I thought I would share.....

Abs for Days!

I found these pictures on Flickr, and oh my gawd, these guys have some amazing abs! I am jealous and a little turned on ;-)

abs, straight jocks
abs, straight jocks
abs, straight jocks
abs, straight jocks

Ah, Youth...

I saw this video clip in a posting on Gay Dream Blog the other day and it made me think about my past. The clip is from the movie "Summer Storm", a coming of age movie from Germany, about two friends on a rowing team, one gay, the other straight.

While I was never on a rowing team, I did have a straight best friend growing up and definitely had some similar experiences, which made this movie seem pretty accurate. The movie is actually really great, after renting it once I went out and bought it...but I am really curious if this is an experience that others have had.

Did you explore your sexuality alone or with a friend? Tell me about it...

Dive Bar Entertainment...

Bo Dean has done a lot of things in his short gay porn career, but apparently that didn't pay the bills so he became a bartender to make ends meet. Of course, giving up gay sex is hard to do, so it is not all that surprising that he attacked this unsuspecting bar patron and fucked him in front of a crowd...

To check out more images from this fantasy scene from Cock Sure Men, take a look at the Cock Sure Men site

Bo Dean gay porn huge dick
Bo Dean gay porn huge dick

Bo Dean gay porn huge dick
Bo Dean gay porn huge dick